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"From the very first notes, she pulled me into its nostalgic spirit, something that is not so easy with music of such depth ... . Yin ’s playing in the Brahms has a mellow sweetness of timbre that is truly special. It is a special joy to hear how seemingly effortlessly she navigates its more challenging aspects..."

                                                                                  New York Concert Review

"I find myself at quite a loss for words to describe it. Her F at the beginning of bar 70 is whispered so softly and with such intimacy that a shiver went up my spine. It is as if in that one note, Yin unlocks the secret to the sensuality of Franck's music that so enflamed the passions of his audiences... I've heard more performances of Franck's sonata than I can count or remember, but I've never heard it played with the exquisiteness of expression that Yin and Chiang aspire to and achieve in it here."

                                                                           Fanfare Magazine


"Beautiful singing tone!...I find Yin's playing has much nuance, color and sense of style...Sense of live and dynamic contrast, very musically satisfying..."                                                                                            Artist Presentation Society

" have only to hear the combination of aching hope and intense longing that suffuses her shaping and shading of Brahms first movement's second subject, beginning at bar 36, to understand her deep emotional involvement with the music...This is extraordinary playing one doesn't encounter all that often in partnering....These two artists make every note of every bar of every moment of this music count, and I can honestly say I was swept up by their performances of these two works in ways I never have quite been before. An absolutely urgent recommendation...."

                                                                                           Fanfare Magazine

"Yin is a terrific performer...She has a very dependable technique and her interpretations are honest and thoughtful..."

                                                Sibbi Bernhardsson, Oberlin Conservatory


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